1 to 3 Ports Female Connector Cable 4 Pin Splitter for LED Color-changing Strip Lights + 4 Free Male 4-pin Connectors
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    -1-to-3 female/male connection cable for LED RGB strip lights
    -Use to connect controller to strip lights, or strip light to strip light
    -Male or female connection: 4 free 4 pin male-to-male connectors included
    -Easy to install, no soldering or wiring required
    -Cable total length: 12.2inch


This is 1 to 3 splitter for 5050/3528 RGB LED strip lights. No matter you are professional or not, this component will help you to finish your project quick and easy. It can be used as strip to strip or strip to controller connection cable and save you plenty of time on soldering electric cables.

Simple splitter:

This splitter is very easy to connect up to 3 LED strip lights, match the arrows on strip light connectors

Width and length:

10mm width and 12.2 inch length compatible with LED RGB strip lights and controller totally

All-round curving:

Angle free twistable connector, extend or bend the LED strip light around the corner

Plug and play:

easy to use, no need soldering wire or cables

Tool-free installation:

This 1 to 3 ports female connector cable 4-pin splitter is great for flexible LED Strip light, it will save you a great deal of time and effort during installation project.


Use to connect controller to strip lights, or strip light to strip light

Package Include

1*1 to 3 ports splitters cable
4*4-pin male connector with free

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