TM1814 TTL SPI digital addressable dream color RGBW LED Strip Light
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RGBW Digital LS101815-RGBW-60-24/12V

    1.Its protocol is TTL SPI,not DMX512 RS485 protocol, its IC is IM1814,also can be SM16704,UCS2904,WS2814A
    2.its SMD5050 RGBW 4in1 chips diode,6Qpcs led/m,10pixels 40channels for 24VDC,20pixels 80channels for 12VDC.
    3.Adopt genuine 3M double-side adhesive tape at FPC back for installation
    4.Programmed by controller all SPI controller, like K-1000C or MATRIX NEBULA.
    5.All offer 3years replacement.

Product Features:

1. This strip is TM1814 4 channel RGBW led digital strips that different with DMX512 RGBW led pixel strips. Actually the protocol is compatible with SK6812 RGBW led tape.

2. Its advantage is this TM1814 RGBW digital led strip can play pure white color compared to that classical WS2811/SM16703 RGB led strip couldn’t

3. Entire strip has 10 pixels ( 40 channels)@24VD,20pixel(80channels)@12VDC, 60 pcs RGBW leds in a meter with 10mm width pcb board.

4. There are 5V TM1814 RGBW digital led strip, 12V 20 pixels 60 leds TN1814 RGBW digital led strip, DMX512 RGBW digital led tape and addressable SK6812 RGBW led tapes to choose.

5. Vivid lighting performance operated by Arduino, Raspberry Pi , Madrix software, Artnet / DMX512 /MADRIX NEBULA led controllers.

6. 10 pixels 60 leds 4 channels TM1814 RGBW digital pixel led tape is flexible , bright, durable and easy for installation.

7. TM1814 Strip is powered by a 24V/12V power supply (not included) and is controlled by a single data line from a suitable controller (not included).

8.power cable is 3-pin JST connector.

9. Strip can be cut between every 6 (24V)/3(12V) LED to create custom lengths.

10.Do not bend strip sharply. Do not exceed 5 meters in a single circuit. Longer runs should be powered from both ends to reduce voltage drop.

11.Adopt international leading manufacturer ’s chips high brightness width angle  , color consistency, and stable performance.

For bare board strip, you can use the 3M adhesive tape on back; For waterproof silicone tube strip, there shipped with flexible silicon brackets and screws, the brackets fit over the waterproof sheath, waterproof also can use 3M tape, all Installation surface must be smooth, clean and dry.

PS: Matrix Nebula
The MADRIX NEBULA directly connects to TM1814 RGBW LED pixels. This advanced SPI decoder receives control data over Ethernet network or USB and is built to provide excellent image quality.
SPI Converter & Direct Connection
Directly connect to a wide range of supported LEDs via two 4-pin screw terminals. A signal frequency of up to 24 MHz is available. Supply power over USB or 5 V to 24 V over a 2-pin screw terminal.

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