W2 DMX512 RGB 0.3m,0.6m,1m,1.2m Slim Linear Wall Washer Lights
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DMX512 RGB 9W@0.3m,18W@0.6m,30W@1m,36W@1.2m

      W2 series LED wall washer is a unique Standard DMX 512 Control product which is designed and produced independently by CIY LED Limited, it's a high quality super slim waterproof bar light for outdoor architectural lighting and decoration.                                                                                                                                                                   
       We choose many pieces SMD5050 RGB chips to disperse the heat which could ensure the lamp long lifespan and reduce the decay of light. With self designed  optical lens, the lamp has regular facula, it won't have the problem such as dark spot, optical aberration of the verge of the spot and yellow brink like the traditional wall washer.This product adopt AL 6063 to achieve a simple slim elegant appearance.

    For DMX version,we make 6leds/group dot,DMX IC SM17512,SM18512,so if 1m CIY-W2-100-5050-120-24V-DMX will have 20pcs IC,our models are pre-write DMX Address already,if you want group DMX IC,or unify the DMX address,or regular code the DMX address for multiple pcs,we all have solutions.

Product Feature
Lamp materials:6063 Aluminum alloy oxidation treatment
Protrol by standard DMX 512 controller ,auto-addressable,Digital DMX RGB standard DMX512 protocol, DMX512 IC chip included, directly work with Artnet DMX controller and Madrix, no need DMX decoder.

Lens:PMMA lens,25°,45°,60°,80°  is optional
Length:0.3M,0.6M,1M,1.2M is available,other length customized
Working voltage:DC24V
Waterproof class:IP66
LED Qty:0.3M 36pcs,0.6M 72pcs,1M 120pcs,1.2M 144pcs
IC Qty: 0.3M 6pcs, ,0.6M 72pcs,1M 120pcs,1.2M 144pcs
"Best wall wash distance:25°≤ 8M , 45°≤ 6M ,        
  60°≤ 5M , 80°≤ 3M ,120°≤ 2M"

Working temperature:-25°C~45°C
Storage temperature:-20°C~55°C
Product life:50,000H
Certification:CE   RoHS
Warranty: 3 years
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