what is RGBCCT ,RGBCW led linear Wall Washer Light


RGB vs. RGBW vs. RGBIC vs. RGBWW vs. RGBCCT LED Linear Wall Washer Lights

You may hear 16million colors?

How 16million comes? Here i answer you:

Each RGB  diode has the ability to generate red, green, or blue light. It can also generate different values of levels light at the same time. Your standard RGB diode will be able to produce around 16 million different colors.

RGB has a range of 0-255 for red, green, and blue separately. It means RGB color mixing can create 16,777,216 colors (255*255*255).

RGB LED Wall Washer Lights
W2 RGB wall washer use 5050 3-in-1 chips (red, green, and blue), which generate over 16 million colors theoretically. But RGB LED Wall Washer Lights are difficult to produce some colors.


RGB Wall Washer Lights          

RGBW Wall Washer Lights        

RGCW(RGBCCT) LED Wall washer

RGBIC Wall Washer Lights


3-in-1 chip

4-in-1 chip

5-in-1 chip

3-in-1 chip + built-in IC

Color changing per pattern




Dream color











RGBW LED Wall Washer Lights

RGBW (RGB + White) LED Wall Washer Light uses a 4-in-1 LED chip made up of red, green, blue, and white. RGBW wall washer light adds an extra white chip into the color mix. RGBW wall washer light W color has same color of single wall washer W1,W2, such as customize colors, can be 2200k,2700K,3000K,3200K,4000K,5600K,6000K, etc.

RGBCW LED Wall Washer Lights

RGB-CW light has an acronym that actually makes sense. The CW in the name of this light stands for “cool / warm.”

This means that these RGBCW LED wall washer linear lights contain both a cool and a warm white LED node

RGBCW (RGB + White + Warm White) LED  wall washer lights uses either a 5-in-1 LED chip with red, green, blue, white, and warm white for color mixing. The only difference between RGBW and RGBWW is the intensity of the white color.

RGBCW LED Wall Washer Lights with extra warm white will create more of a softer yellow-white. It is suitable for decorating a cozy space like a bedroom.

You’ll find that the RGB-CW lights are some of the best out there when it comes to light in your home. The big advantage here is that you can select the color temperature or you can choose RGB color ,when you can turn on a bright blue sky color temperature during the day or switch to warmer colored lights when it’s time to relax in the evening when you alone.Or when you are at party time ,you can choose RGB color to mix for various color to decorate your mood.

RGBCW Wall washer Linear lights can control not only the color but also the warmth of the white light. A cold light might be good for replicating daylight choose a nice ‘bluey white’ or ‘solid’ yellow within the same led Linear Wall washer light , while a softer, warmer light creates a cozy mood.

RGBIC LED Wall Washer Lights

RGBIC (RGB + a built-in Independent Chip) strip light is a higher level of the RGB strip light. It has the same color options, over 16 million colors, like RGB and RGBW strip light. RGBIC LED Wall Washer Lights' built-in independent chip could display a rainbow-like lighting effect, or waterflow,or horse running, color jump, color breath  etc, vivid dynamic effect. RGBIC LED lights are a great option for people who are looking for a more dynamic and energetic LED lighting system. This independent IC may SM16704,SM16703,TM1814,or WS2811etc. or some customers want international protocol digital multiplex USITTDMX512(1990),this one we laos have SM18512,SM18522PH,SM17512,TM612AC,UCS512,HI512A0.HI512d4h,GS8512,GS8516 etc.

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