AC230V Triac LED Strip 50m/roll


AC230V high voltage TRIAC dimmable led strip 50m/roll ip68 3years warranty

When your customers want a cost effective solution and dimmable,PVC 100cm cut unit version can not well be compatible with your current TRIAC DIMMABLE, then you may search a new product to match your customer's request,
here CIY LED find such request from our communication.So our engineer develop such products.


1.For a dimmable single colour 230V LED strip it should be Triac dimmable just like your GU10 light. Then it can be dimmed with the existing Triac dimmer in the wall.
2.Many application are for use in a house and then they need 2 to 5 m dimmable. Of course we can always deliver 24VDC and add power supply and dimmer.

12.5 cm cuttable or 10cm cuttable is preferred . For example if customers have a cabinet of 4 meters then I do not want to put in 3.5m LED strip and leave at both sides 25 cm without light. With 10 cm cuttable it is only 5 cm at both sides.

If there is a new house the electrician put all equipment in and also a triac dimmer for the future LED strips. When the house is decorate with the furniture made to plan there is always a LED strip. Up to know it is always 24V with a PWM dimmer and remote control. So when installing the furniture they have to remove the triac dimmer and find a place in the furniture for the 24V and the PWM dimmer. Hope you understand the major advantage of the 230VAC direct triac dimmable version.

3.Also our led strip is silicone housing,IP67,ip68 ,ip65 available,if use outdoor,like exposed in sun,wind,snow,and rain all the year round,like middle EAST very hot 55°C or north Europe ,like Norway,if close to north pole place,the lowest temperature will be -10-15°C ,it will very hot or very cold,silicone material,much better than PVC material.

4.Have fast connectors,when u cut,you can reconnect fast with fast connectors,no need soldering.

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