what is difference of AC recitfier high voltage strip and AC line voltage DOB led high voltage LED Strip


We always heard high voltage led strip light, most one comes the idea,AC rectifier plug,plus pvc coated 50m or 100m led strip,pcb back with copper wire,1M unit cut.
But recently years,have another line voltage IC built-in DOB type LED strip as well,that usual made of silicone glue machine extrusion ,offer higher warranty,3years. While traditional rectifier plug is 1 or max 2years warranty.
And DOB type LED Strip is shorter cut unit,for example 10mm,12.5mm etc.  our engineer said it depends on the IC integrated qty,if more IC integrated per unit,it can cut,no IC integrated as a full loop,then it can not cut,as it need work as a single unit,powered directly by AC voltage,which generated by power plant.

What is a bridge-rectifier plug?

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