About led plant grow linear Light :PPFD,full spectrum,LCP,LSP


PPFD(Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density)
As the most important data of grow lights. We make out perfect light for plants according to the PPFD. What plants really need is HIGH PPFD. Unit: µmol/m­²/s­

Luminous Flux and Illumination of Grow Light?
Lux & Lumen is only for human eyes perceiving, not for plants growing. If someone says lm/w or lux for grow light, he is not in the field or unprofessional. 

Full Spectrum=Simulated Solar Light?
Many LED grow lights provide red+blue+other wavelength (usually green) to get higher CRI, that's not real full spectrum. High CRI ≠ High Efficiency. Green wavelengths make little sense for plants growing. For ornamental plants, adding some green lights to get higher CRI will be better for human observation. But in that case, the red 660nm should be strengthen to get higher efficiency.

LCP(Light Compensation Point)
LCP is the lowest photosynthesis demands of PPFD. Plants start to grow only when PPFD exceeds LCP. 

LSP(Light Saturation Point)
When PPFD reaches a certain intensity, the photosynthetic rate will no longer be increased. That called LSP of PPFD.

What About the  newest red & blue & white grow light bar?

1. According to feedback from customers of indoor planting in North American European market, some plant grow linear light players invents the newest professional full spectrum and dimmer led grow light bar for indoor cultivation

2. Based on led linear bars * 75W: 144pcs 660nm & 48pcs white 4000k &48pcs blue 460nm per bar to combine full spectrum,suit to the VEG/BLOOM state planting,Providing the enough PPF to indoor planting,maximized the planting yield

3.  The led grow light bar can be adjusted freely and emit light at different angles.Lighting cover the planting area more flexible

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