why is  High CRI 95 and TLCI 95 necessary for both television and film light


Few days ago,one of our clients need us offer CRI95 RGBW led mini wall washer,we are stranged,RGBW,only W need CRI 95,when we know him use for films,we understand the reason,led is huge and widely application.

TLCI shorts for TELEVISION LIGHTING CONSISTENCY INDEX (TLCI) ,we understand the TLCI quantifies how well a set of test colours are reproduced when illuminated with a given light and viewed through a standardized camera and TV system. It compares the differences in colours produced by the light source under test with those produced under standard lighting conditions. It assigns a value (from 0 to 100) to each light tested, and that value provides an indication of how much colour correction would be required to produce acceptable results with that light.

An asset in the studio or on location, the lights for output that's variable from 3200-5600K for matching other fixtures or ambient light conditions while maintaining a high CRI/TLCI of 95 indicating faithful and accurate rendition of color. Light intensity is variable from 100-10%. Both functions are adjustable locally on the fixture or remotely at distances up to 65' with the included wireless remote control. Settings are displayed on the light's back panel LCD screen.

Ideal light level for moveis&films requirements.
High CRI/TLCIThe high CRI/TLCI rating of 95 indicates faithful and accurate color rendering.
Flicker-Free OutputFlicker-free output allows you to shoot at a high frame rate for slow motion.

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