What is Type driver TL and Type HL?


What is Type TL and Type HL ?
1. Type TL
2. Type HL

When you use meanwell driver,you will see" Type “HL” for use in Class I, Division 2hazardous (Classified) location "When you search from bing,also found"inventronics"

What’s the benefit for applying for a Type TL LED driver?

The LED Driver Type TL Program is intended to assist LED driver company in gaining greatermarket access for their LED drivers. This service is also intended to assist end-product LED Luminaire manufacturers improve their speed-to-market by making it easy to source a compliant LED Driver. 

Here is an article from UL website. 

With the LED Lighting industry evolving so quickly component manufacturers are constantly upgrading their products. Offering a variety of products affords end users the advantage of using components with specific ratings, varying dimming methods, higher efficiencies or efficacies, etc.

Through the flexibility of the UL Recognized Component program, LED Drivers are often designed with varying constructions and are tested in a variety of ways. This flexibility creates a situation where, in most cases, no two LED Drivers are interchangeable without the need for additional safety considerations. UL’s Type TL Program takes aim at this situation and creates a set of evaluation and testing guidelines to allow for more standardized LED Driver constructions and ratings. By requiring certain construction features, such as an enclosure and provisions for field wiring, we can reduce the amount of considerations required in the end product. By additionally standardizing Temperature Test methods and fault testing criteria we can further reduce the amount of considerations required in the end product.

By minimizing the end product considerations and opening a path for direct substitution, the TL program helps ensure that your products gain market access in the most efficient way possible. The Type TL evaluation method allows component manufacturers to more easily engage their end users and give them confidence they are using the component that best fits their needs.

Appendix C - Requirements for Type HL LED drivers

C1 Scope

C1.1 This supplement specifies the requirements applicable to Type HL LED drivers for use in a Class I, Division 2 hazardous (Classified) location luminaires.

C2 Construction

C2.1 A Type HL LED driver, shall comply with all applicable construction requirements of this standard.

C2.2 A Type HL LED driver shall have all internal parts fully submerged in potting compound so that all components other than input and output leads/ terminals are sealed.

C3 Performance

C3.1 A Type HL LED driver, shall comply with all applicable performance requirements of this standard.

C4 Marking

C4.1 A Type HL LED driver, shall comply with all applicable marking requirements of this standard.

C4.2 A LED driver may be marked "Type HL", if it complies with the requirements of this Appendix. The marking may be provided on the LED driver, the smallest shipping container, or on materials shipped with the LED driver.

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